How People Use Raw Honey

Raw honey can be used in many ways. How are stories from our buyers mentioning the wonderful ways they have applied raw honey in their meals:

  • Right from the sachet
  • On bread or toast, muffins or bagels.
  • Take a hot biscuit and poke a hole in the center with your thumb. Fill the hole with honey and enjoy
  • On French toast, pancakes or waffles
  • Over ice cream
  • As a glaze
  • Over my cold or hot cereal
  • Mixed with peanut butter as a spread
  • In my hot drinks – tea, coffee, hot chocolate
  • In my bread and muffins
  • In my cakes, pies and cookies
  • As a dip for my fruit
  • Mixed in my yogurt
  • In my iced tea
  • In my milk shake
  • Mixed with butter for a honey butter spread